No More Body Bags

Stories From The Road is from my personal blog that I began while traveling across America on the Fat Angie book tour. There are a variety of entries, but this one is about the loss of Rebecca Ann Sedwick. She was 12 years-old and took her life by jumping from a silo in Florida in September. I never met her, and I wondered would something have changed if I had. Not that I could’ve saved her, but could my showing up have been a moment of hope as it has been for the young people I met.

I took her loss particular hard because in the year that she was relentlessly bullied, no one was able to give her hope that it would end. That leaping from the silo was her only solution. And as someone who struggled as a young person with an abusive drug addict mom and an alcoholic father, I get the thought of the wanting to quick but the action is all wrong. Of all the things that can remove a young person from the world, suicide should never be one of them. There are resources. There are opportunities to make it better now.

Click Here to read a moment I wrote after hearing about Rebecca Ann Sedwick.


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