Movie + Music = Unlearn Stigmas

Becca Cala of Ontario, Canada is a straight talking, raw emotion, violin playing member of the Creative Revolution. She is also someone who has been in and out of shelters before being diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette syndrome and obsessive–compulsive disorder. Her journey has not been an easy one but —

She made music her outlet. A two minute film Beauty Behind Becca directed by two 12th grade classmates, Natasha Boshoff and Suaad Issa, won the Change The View 2014 competition. As of this post, the video has over 270,000 hits on YouTube.

The thing that makes this remarkable is that these three teens used art as a means of communicating big truths about mental health issues and stigmas we associate with them. Also, co-director Boshoff confessed that she had been one of those people to judge Becca’s larger than life behavior. “I had changed my opinion about her so much, maybe others could change their opinion about her as well if they just knew who she was,” she shared with an Oakville news outlet.

Through making the mini-documentary, Boshoff was able to unlearn the stigma and meet Becca the person, not the personality she had made up .

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.04.39 PM

Beauty Behind Becca allows us to be informed, empowered and entertained. Check out the video, pay it forward and as always, welcome to the Creative Revolution!

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