If Someone Only Knew … Challenge

On March 25th, 2015, Never Counted Out officially launched If Someone Only Knew. This creative challenge is important to us because we need to start a new dialogue around the struggle of young people today. Right now. We can quote you the startling statistics of bullying in America. The number of kids who self-harm, become addicted to drugs and alcohol and even go so far as to commit suicide. All because they don’t — fit.

But numbers can feel very black and white.

Here’s full color.


Ash Haffner, Transgender Teen


Blake Brockington, Transgender Teen Activist


Rebecca Sedwick, Cyber Bullied Teen

What do these three young people have in common? They are all dead. Each of these lives was lost too soon. Each of them, outsiders trying to find a way to belong — to fit — to be heard. And each of them victims of bullying.

They were young people who had a story. A story for this world that we will tragically never know.

We don’t want to ever have to post pictures like this on NCO. No more pictures of kids lost before their story has been fully written.

So we stand behind our challenge for teens across America. Be heard. Write loud! Write soft and loud! This is your moment to have your story seen on this site and possibly in a future publication. For those who don’t feel they can craft a creative essay, send us your photos, your drawings, your graphic mini-novel — your SLAM poetry … send us your truth. Because we want to know your truth.

We wanna share it with the world.

Welcome To The Creative Revolution!


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