NCO Teen Camps

We’ve got a creative revolution brewing here at revolution-fist
Never Counted Out. This is your space to have a voice, be heard and show the world who you are.

This organization is here because of you and for you. Soon we will post applications for our first NCO Camp to happen December 2016 in Pennsylvania. If you are selected for our first camp, you have an opportunity to workshop with award-winning writers and illustrators at no cost to you and your family. That’s right. It is free for you!



Empower the Creative Revolution!

Call To Action:

  • If you are an author, illustrator, or artist, please consider donating the following items for auction (donation deadline Sunday, February 1, 2017. Email donation info
    • manuscript (up to 10 pages) and query critiques
    • signed books
    • original artwork/illustrations
  • Help at-risk youth attend Never Counted Out Camp for FREE by participating in the online auction. Date TBA.
  • Help empower at-risk youth by providing more access to books. Donate books to Never Counted Out.
  • Make a financial donation to enable the purchase of books for at-risk youth.
  • If you are an artist, illustrator, or author, we ask you to join the Creative Revolution by volunteering with Never Counted Out.
  • Please share information about Never Counted Out on social media.
  • If you are an educator or librarian, please participate in and promote the If Someone Only Knew initiative with students.