Fat Angie

Fat Angie is the award-winning young adult novel by NCO founder e.E. Charlton-Trujillo and was the beginning of this creative revolution. To the launch of the novel, Charlton-Trujillo took the book’s themes to at-risk programs throughout the U.S. The novel and the tour’s documentary, At Risk Summer was the inspiration for Never Counted Out.

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American Library Association’s Stonewall Award 2014
American Library Association’s Rainbow List 2014
EBSCO Core Collection List 2013 (1 of 8 books selected)
Lambda Literary Award Finalist 2014 (Adult Crossover Category)

American Library Association’s Best Fiction for Young Adults
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2014 Tayshas Consideration List
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Quotes From The Trenches

Fat Angie, made me cry. Please keep on writing! Your just what the new generation needs. Nowadays people(teens my age) might not even open up books from the library, but reading a book as fantastic as yours gives me reasons to want to enjoy life more and keep on reading. My heart feels pain for Angie as if she was a real person!
Teen Ruthy, Facebook post

Fat Angie is a story that will touch the heart of anyone. She reminds us of what it is like to have a loss, be lost, and then how to find oneself again. I laughed and I cried but most importantly I remembered what it was like to find the courage to be myself.
Kimberly Miller, High School Librarian, Philadelphia, PA

I bought a copy for my great niece. She has read it three times and swears it has changed her life!!!
J. Don Luna, Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance, Texas A&M University-C.C.

I’ve said it to anyone who will listen: Angie is my favorite YA character of all time.
Jennifer Brown, Author, Hate List

FAT ANGIE is a life-changer of a book. You’ll fall in love with the characters, especially Angie herself. You’ll marvel at the way the author spins out the prose in an intensely distinct way without sacrificing a molecule of readerly comfort or accessibility. You’ll do a whiplash-inducing human pinball thing between emotions, some of them painful, some of them sweet, all of them powerful. You’ll finish the book and go through a period of mourning knowing that you’ll never, ever get to have the astonishing experience of reading it for the first time ever again.
Mike Jung, Author Geeks, Girls & Secret Identities

Fat Angie is an incredibly sensitive book, yet entertaining at the same time. That’s a rare and precious combination!
Margarita Engle, Author, The Lightning Dreamer

As a mother, Angie made me want to hug her and do whatever I could to help, so she wouldn’t be in so much pain.  As a teacher, I wanted to clear away the noise around her and support her, so she could hear herself and do what she needed to do.  As a reader, I wanted to go everywhere, see everything, and do everything with her so I could really know her.  As a human, I want to share Fat Angie with all sorts of people so her story can be known by people who need to know it.
Kirsten Cronn-Mills, Author Beautiful Music For Ugly Children

Fat Angie has led to many great discussions about bullying and why being a bystander is just as bad as being a bully. This is dialogue we need to have with kids, but we often times have no idea how to begin. Fat Angie has been a vehicle for change, and her story has allowed me to meet my students in a real place where we can have real discussions about bullying. Teenage years are a time of self-discovery, and e. E. Charlton-Trujillo has given readers a rare glimpse into the mind of a teenager as she struggles to accept and love herself. I have recommended Fat Angie to many of my students, and they have all had similar responses by saying, “I am Fat Angie.” This. Book. Is. Real.
– Kim Summers, Teacher, Urbana High School

Angie is dealing with intense bullying, a detached mother, and a captured war-hero sister, and recently attempted suicide. New girl KC Romance comes to town and helps her see herself more clearly. But KC’s friendship doesn’t bring about perfection: Angie needs to decide if she wants the same type of relationship that KC is looking for, and KC has her own ghosts to confront. A solid friendship story, but not the light-hearted variety.
Kim Johnson Dare, Librarian, Fairfax County Public Schools

More than “an issues book about a very important topic that needs to be told” Fat Angie is also just an actual good book, regardless of topics or issues dealt with – however harsh (extreme bullying, bad home situation) these may be. Whether you’re a struggling teen, a caring teacher, a dedicated librarian or an avid reader, Fat Angie will give you comfort, joy and hope.
Els De Clercq, English Teacher, Belgium

Everyone on the planet should have to read this book, or one like it, to gain a better understanding of the lives of others and how different they can be. And with knowledge comes, hopefully, more understanding and tolerance… and maybe even some new friendships and help between those that are so apparently different on the surface. We are all human. We are all hurt, although by different means. I wish this book existed 25 years ago when I was a teen.
Thomas J. Avery, Professional Photographer

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll cheer. Angie proves that we have the strength inside us to overcome great adversity. This is a book to read over and over, and then to pass on to a troubled young person in your life.
– Connie Goldsmith, Author, Bombs Over Bikini

This book should be required reading for students and teachers both. It’s excellent. I have given it as a gift numerous times, bought copies for our school libraries, and have recommended it for my book group. Read it more than once. This book is amazing.
– Marcia Wickes, Educator, Urbana School District

What an awesome book for young women to read. It is sincere, honest, and true to girl’s feelings. I wish I would have had a book like, “Fat Angie,” to read in my youth.
Audrey Patrick, Retired Educator, Cleveland, OH

When I first read Eunice’s novel, Fat Angie, it swept me away on a riveting ride, and I kept thinking, wow, what an extraordinary and necessary book for young adults–the characters’ voices so raw, sharp, and realistic as they face the various traumas in their lives that so many of our students face. The spectrum of conflict, tension, emotion so reflective of our 21st century realities is deeply touching, and handled with an insider’s perspective—one who has been through the fire again and again, and with the outsider’s (the marginalized person’s) experience, and handled with honesty, tenderness, tremendous empathy, wit, and humor. The crafting of this book, rendered with exquisite authenticity is a marvel to me.
Dr. Robin Carstensen, Assistant Professor of English, Texas A&M-CC

I knew a Fat Angie in high school. Peripherally. And until I read this book I didn’t really know it. I wish I could go back and be a better friend to what turned out to be a very good person. This was a moving, engaging, compelling read; Fat Angie made me think deeply about my youth. and things I might have done differently. Things I could have done better. This book can be an awakening for those in the now and revelatory for those whose opportunities have passed. Either way, it will touch you deeply.
Kevan Atteberry, Illustrator & Author, Bunnies

Fat Angie by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo addressed with candor, kindness and honesty issues that many kids face everyday on the bus, in the school and at home. Angie found strength and courage in unlikely friendships and, most poignantly, within herself. Her journey made me cry, applaud, and think. Pick up this book and read it today. You will be so grateful you did.
Elly Swartz, Author, Finding Perfect (2016)

FAT ANGIE is a perfect example of what makes books magical: they allow us to see the world through another’s person eyes, growing empathy and understanding in their wake. Angie crawled into my heart and opened my eyes. Her story may be different from mine, but her hurts are the same: loss, rejection, grief. Her courage inspired me, as I’m sure it will inspire many readers.
Amy K. Nichols, Author, Now That You’re Here

Fat Angie is a story that needed to be told, and Charlton-Trujillo breathed life into the character in ways that makes Angie believable, tragic, triumphant … human. It is a kind of love story that readers aren’t accustomed to reading, and that’s why it is such an important novel. No matter who you are, and who you love, there is a little bit of Fat Angie in all of us.
– Cindy Vela, High School Librarian,  South Texas

Fat Angie tackles heavy topics — war, death, bullying, alienation, and family dysfunction — yet, the story is life affirming and a must read for people of all ages. Find yourself through Fat Angie’s memorable story.
Kate Horan, Library Director, McAllen Public Library

Fat Angie sells out at The Little Bookstore That Could at Logan Boston International Airport

Fat Angie sells out at The Little Bookstore That Could at Logan Airport – Boston, MA